10 Inspiring Photos of Bryce Canyon National Park in Utah that will make you add it to your travel bucket list!

10 Photos That Will Inspire You to Visit Bryce Canyon National Park

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A few months ago I had the pleasure of taking a 10 day road trip through Utah and northern Arizona.

The itinerary was jam packed, visiting all 5 National Parks in Utah and other various sites along the way.

Bryce Canyon was a park I’d always wanted to visit and now I finally had my chance!

The hoodoos in Bryce Canyon were so interesting! I have never seen anything like them.

I took a LOT of photos but managed to narrow it down to just 10 to show you today.

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"10 photos that will make you want to visit bryce canyon national park, utah"

Let these photos inspire you to visit the beautiful Bryce Canyon!

Thors Hammer and orange hoodoos in Bryce Canyon National Park, Utah
Easily one of my favorite photos from my two days in Bryce. The hoodoos have such a beautiful glow when the sun hits them.
Looking up through the orange hoodoos against a blue sky
Looking up through the hoodoos on the Queens Garden Trail in Bryce Canyon. This is one of my favorite photos from the trip. No editing was required to make these gorgeous colors!
varying colors of orange hoodoos and a tall pine tree
Hiking among the hoodoos on the Navajo/Queens Garden Loop Trail. If you look closely, you will spot several windows while hiking!
Thors Hammer: an orange hammer shaped hoodoo in Bryce Canyon that resembles a hammer
Thors Hammer is probably the most photographed rock formation in Bryce Canyon. It lights up a beautiful fire-orange when the sun sits it. Again, zero editing on this photo. The colors in Bryce are just that amazing.

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a natural bridge that is orange and brown, pine trees in the background
Most people associate an arch with Arches National Park; however, this arch is found in Bryce Canyon. Totally unexpected, it brought a little variety to seeing thousands of hoodoos for two days.
dirt hiking trail through orange hoodoos
The Navajo Garden Trail in Bryce Canyon National Park lets you wander among the towering hoodoos!
Looking up at the orange hoodoos from a hiking trail
Looking up at the hoodoos on the Queens Garden Trail

Tip: Using a polarizing filter really makes the blue sky pop against the orange hoodoos! Here are the top circular polarizing filters on Amazon.

ombre orange hoodoo with a forest floor in pine trees in the background
This picture is one of my favorites because it captures the color variations of the hoodoos. Many of the hoodoos are pale orange at the top, then fade into a dark, red-orange near the bottom.
hoodoos that are bright orange and fade to light orange as they reach towards the blue sky
Another example of the beautiful changes in color.

Hope you enjoyed these photos! It was definitely hard to pick just 10, as Bryce Canyon has sooo many photography opportunities.

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10 Photos of Bryce Canyon That Will Make You Want to Visit!

"10 photos that will make you add bryce canyon national park to your bucket list"

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