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Best Gift Ideas for National Park Lovers: National Park Themed Gifts

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Need gift ideas for National Park lovers? This post has you covered!

Whether it’s puzzles, games, decor, or books, you’re sure to find a unique gift that they will love.

Keep reading to see the various National Park related gifts that are available!

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"gifts for someone who loves national parks"

Great Gift Ideas for National Park Lovers

national park illustrated book and journal

Anything by Anderson Design Group

Based in my hometown of Nashville, Anderson Design Group specializes in illustration and poster design that gives off an early 20th-century vibe. They offer a variety of products that feature National Parks: journals, coffee table books, calendars, postcards, art prints, canvas prints, games, stickers, & more.

I have several of their products and love all of them except one of their puzzles (the pieces didn’t stay put together well). This group gets bonus points from me because they donate 10% to several non-profits, one of them being the National Parks Foundation!

You can check out their products here and they also have some things available on Amazon.

Tip: Once you use the calendar, you can cut the pictures out and frame them. Cheaper than buying 12 different art prints!

two puzzle boxes- national park store puzzle

National Park Puzzles

I’ve never worked as many puzzles in my life than I did during the pandemic. And because of that, I am now a puzzle brand snob.

Yes, Dowdle puzzles are more expensive, but they are worth it for me. The pieces stay together so well and you can just tell they are high-quality!

I have 3 of their National Park puzzles and loved working each one of them. Some are quite difficult but all were very fun to work!

Each puzzle comes packaged in a sturdy box and the pieces are in a resealable plastic bag. Dowdle puzzles are made in the USA and come with a “No Missing Pieces” guarantee.

puzzle of map of US National Parks

Another good brand is Galison. They don’t have as many options, but they do have this 1000-piece puzzle that is super cute.

womens outdoor hiking socks
mens outdoor hiking socks

Not-Boring Socks

When we think of receiving socks as a gift, most of us imagine getting a jumbo pack of boring white crew-cut socks. But socks don’t have to be a boring gift! Be the person who gives great socks. Most of us know at least one person who has quite the collection. Check out these park-inspired socks for men and women.

travel books spread out & stacked

Any Lonely Planet, Moon, or Fodor’s Travel Guide Book

These three brands really knock it out of the park (pun intended) when it comes to National Park travel guides. One thing I’ve noticed with these books, the more specific the book is, the more info you get.

Pictured above, the Fodor’s National Parks of the West book is a great reference, but since it covers multiple parks, they can only include so much information. Having a book that covers just 1 or 2 parks will provide a lot more info and details.

These books are great and I cannot recommend them enough when doing travel “prep.” They provide maps, trails (including mileage & difficulty), campgrounds, other places to stay. I scour through these reference books when planning my trips.

They also cover restaurant & hotel recommendations, as well as things to do locally such as festivals and events.

You really can’t go wrong with any of these travel reference books!

dark blue spiral passport book with stamps- national park store passport

Passport to Your National Parks

This program allows you to collect a stamp from (almost) every site of the National Park Service! They offer 3 styles of passport books and a special one for the Junior Rangers.

Each site of the NPS has a corresponding sticker. When you visit, place the sticker in the passport book and stamp your “cancellation” by it.

The Collector’s Edition book is 7.5 x 10″ and has a space for every NPS site. The smaller blue Classic Edition is pocket-size with fewer places to put stickers & cancellation stamps. I have the small one because it’s a lot easier to travel with and throw in my purse or bag.

Now, typically I purchase things from Amazon because it’s the same price (if not better) & I get it shipped faster. However, you do not want to purchase these from Amazon. The prices are outrageous.

Shop via their website or in-person at an NPS visitor center to get the best price. PLUS you’ll be supporting the National Park Service when you buy directly through them.


national park scrabble game
national park Yahtzee game
National Parks Trivia game

Have someone on your list that likes parks and board games? You’re in luck. In addition to National Park trivia games, lots of well-known games have picked up on the trend and produced National Park themed games. Check out some of these:

Bonus: For several of these games, some of the proceeds go to the National Park Foundation!

various national park stickers

National Park Stickers

This is an easy gift that all National Park lovers will gladly accept. Whether it’s on a water bottle, a cooler, etc, we love our stickers! I personally get at least one sticker and magnet from every place I visit.

You can buy individual stickers, but you can save a LOT of money by buying them in a pack.

These US National Park Gifts are Perfect for Birthdays, Holidays, or any occasion

scratch off poster of hiking trails

Scratch-Off Posters

On the list of unique National Park gifts is a scratch off poster! This is the perfect National Park Gift for those who like to mark things off their list. I received one for Christmas in 2019 and love scratching off the hikes as I do them.

There are a few types of scratch-off posters available. Check out the different options here.

Reading Books

We all know someone who loves to read. Fortunately, there are several books about America and its National Parks that I’m willing to bet most people haven’t read! Check out these below:

book cover for "A Walk in the Woods"

A Walk in the Woods: Rediscovering America on the Appalachian Trail — I personally found this book hilarious. The way Bill Bryson writes really brings the trail to life!

coloring book with colored pencils and markers

National Park Coloring Books

Coloring books aren’t for everyone but they will be appreciated by some! The recent trend of adult coloring books has caused creators and illustrators to come out with all types of coloring books.

Coloring can be a good stress relief and is helpful in practicing mindfulness. Check out the various park-themed coloring book here.

book cover for "Subpar Parks"

Subpar Parks Book

This is for people with a good sense of humor. This book highlights 1-star reviews of disgruntled and disappointed visitors of the National Parks. Think of someone complaining about Bryce Canyon being “too orange.”

It also gives tips for visiting the parks!

Home Decor

Whether it’s tapestries or metal signs, there are options for National Park decor! Check out these below:

National Park Service metal sign

This 8×12″ retro metal sign gets 5-star reviews and would be a great addition to a garage, cabin, or man-cave.

wall tapestry of Zion National Park

This 51×59″ Zion tapestry is simply beautiful. It would make a great gift for someone living in a dorm!

wooden wall sign that says "America's National Parks"

Another great fit for a garage or man cave: this 10×15″ wood wall sign.

Zion National Park Christmas ornament

There are even park-themed Christmas ornaments, like this Zion ornament!

Hope you enjoyed this gift guide! As you can see, there are plenty of cool gifts for National Park lovers to choose from!

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Best Gift Ideas for National Park Lovers!

gift ideas for national park lovers

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